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We aim to spread Indian classical art forms all over the world under experienced Gurus.


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Advanced Features & Functions

Live Class

Interactive sessions with experienced teachers in groups or individual sessions.

Recorded Class

Effective for both teachers and students as a digital library.

Certificate Courses

Designed to mould teachers with the fundamental techniques.


The aim is to satisfy the hearts of true aspirants from anywhere in the world without any barriers like time, place or medium.


Natya Learning App

India, the world’s cultural capital paved the way for the sprouting of several art forms. We are enriched with an abundance of art forms including classical dances and music, performing arts, and various musical instruments. The world always looks at this cultural heritage enviously. Kalamandalam Sivaprasad, a mizhavu artist and spouse, Kalakshetra Anjali started Living Theatre Pvt Ltd in 2020. Natya is the first product from Living Theatre. Natya - arts learning app is an advanced e-learning platform to learn Indian Classical Dances, Instruments and Music for all despite their age, and basics in the arts. Natya also emphasizes learning Yoga through this platform.

Why Natya?

We already have plenty of apps for academic purposes. But, in our society art is an important factor to maintain a peaceful and comfortable state. So, we have designed and developed a new methodology for learning. Here in Natya we have a separate platform for teachers to resume their classes online. A dedicated video conferencing for art teachers and students. Our objective is to find the artist in everyone.

To learn art is a passion and desire in the minds of many people, regardless of age, region or language. But in this busy life, a systematic study is not possible for many of them due to several reasons. For those people, Natya is the key to the solution. Natya, which is completing 2 years, already has over 500 live session students and over 4000 record class students from all the age categories, who are learning regularly from the teachers of Natya.

As the Founders are artists too, the classes are organized as groups and individuals, so that those who want to study art systematically can learn to the best from us.

  • Classes will be available in all Indian languages.
  • Have separate team for video content making.
  • We use professional equipments for the production
  • We have dedicated development team behind us to manage the App.



We have a good reputed artists' community. So we assure you, we can be a perfect classical event partner.

We offer you classical dance, music and instrumental performances, fusions, and cultural shows in all over the world.

If you need a dance, music, and instrumental workshop you can contact us...

Book the events here.

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Method of Study


Classes are prepared Unit wise in the order of beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Each video is made in the format of a digital book for the benefit of those who have studied before and are still studying the arts.

Tele calling facility for doubt clearance.



The syllabus includes both Theory and Practical in the Gurukul system including individual and group classes.

Time slots for the classes can be chosen by the students themselves.

Training and examinations to increase performance ability and confidence level specifically for children and adults.


Natya is a gathering of well-experienced art teachers.
Hence, we assure you, that you could find your best guru in Natya.

About us

It is an immense pleasure to introduce our new venture “Natya Arts Learning App” from Living Theatre Pvt Ltd. Natya is an E-learning platform for all the Indian classical art forms. Natya aims to spread the Indian classical art forms all over the world by providing the best services through experienced gurus. Natya is the world’s first App to learn Indian classical art forms, from anywhere in the world and it is India’s first app in its kind.

Our current courses include Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, Chenda, Carnatic Music, Mohiniyattam, Guitar etc. Natya also emphasizes on learning Yoga through this platform. The aspirants can choose their course according to their stage or level. Natya will work in subscription mode. Subscribers will get access to all our videos. We have experienced and talented teachers in all the subjects and students can clear their doubts at any time with them. We have a performance gallery that contains unique performance videos of artists. Natya provides a platform for the artists and students to showcase their talents too.

As our second step we have started online live classes too. This platform is a great advantage for those who aren’t able to attend the classes in person. We provide individual classes for grown-ups and working women according to their time preference. This is very helpful to fulfill their desires. For children, classes are in groups and they admire it quite much. So our next pace is to add both live and recorded classes for more art forms as well.

We have highly talented, enthusiastic and energetic supporting team behind this App.
Thanks & Regards.
Team Natya

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